The most important thing is to begin…

When I first started working out I had no idea where to start. I downloaded a couple of workout apps (and only used one of course), but my favourite one was called ‘Skimble.’ I did a couple of workouts every night and eventually I just got bored. I started dreading the idea of working out every night until very recently that my step dad showed me a programme known as the 5×5 Stronglifts.


The app has two separate workouts which focus on the whole body not just individual muscle groups. You workout three times a week and do three exercises with weights. Every workout you go up 2.5kg, but sometimes that’s a bit much so I’ll go up 1-2kg depending on the exercise.


It is very good for everyone, whether you have just started working out or if you have been working out a while now.

Overall I think the programme is great and I have noticed myself getting a lot stronger in the time that I have been doing it. A programme such as this along with a healthy diet and lifestyle all contribute to living a healthy life. I believe that working out and eating healthy is not about being skinny, but instead it is about being strong and healthy.

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