Should Australia introduce a sugar tax?

Obesity rates have gone from 10% to 28% in Australia since 1980 and Australia being one of the most sugar consuming countries in the world, we need a sugar tax to help us back on our feet. 20 countries have introduced a sugar tax, so why hasn’t Australia come on board?

Blog_Soft DrinkThe Australian Medical Association (AMA) is trying hard to get a sugar tax in play while the Australian government are saying no as they say there are already strong enough food labelling laws in place.

While we do have food labelling laws in place to help steer people into a healthier direction, it just isn’t working. Sugary beverages are the largest source of sugar in the Australian diet, and unless we do something about it, our soft drink consumption is going to go from bad to worse and further impact our nation’s health and well-being.

Many health experts are pushing for Australia to introduce a sugar tax, but many politicians are saying no, unfortunately our own health minister, Greg Hunt, is amongst this group. Australia needs a sugar tax to, at the least, steer people away from the sugary beverages and opt for water.

Currently, in Australia, you can buy a large frozen coke for just $1 (yes, that is $1 for 84g of sugar) while an average bottle of water from the supermarket can cost between $2.30 and $4.

To save money of beverages all together, get yourself a non-plastic drink bottle (I love the double insulated ones that stay cold all day) and take water from home, add some fresh fruit or essential oils if you want something with a bit of flavour. Not only will this benefit your health but it is more sustainable as it will reduce excess waste and litter.

If you feel strongly about an implementation of a sugar tax then sign Sarah Wilson’s petition linked here.

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