What are the good fats?


A topic of conversation that I have seen pop up numerous times this week is ‘saturated fats and are they bad for you?’ While many people believe this to be true, it just isn’t. So why aren’t saturated fats bad for you and what should we really be trying to avoid?

The topic of low-fat, good fats and bad fats have been controversial for decades with a supposed ‘definitive study’ released in favour of one or the other and then seemingly almost immediately contradicted by another equally ‘definitive study’ with an opposing viewpoint.

The good fats:

Saturated fats help to keep your heart happy, clears liver of fat, healthier brain as your brain is made up of mostly saturated fat, improved immune health, absorbs vitamins. In the end being highly beneficial to your overall health.

Polyunsaturated fats however you should be wary of how much you consume as they contain omega 3s and omega 6s. The recommended ratio to be 1:1-4.

Monounsaturated fats have a stable structure. This includes olive oil which is better a room temperature as if you heat it up too much it can remove it of its health benefits.

What to avoid:

Trans fats are created when heating up specific types of polyunsaturated fats damages the health benefits. These can be found in many processed foods.

You’ll see this on many wellness and nutrition websites/blogs, but in the end, it just comes down to eating whole, real food and a balanced diet.

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