Sugar-free Easter

Easter is probably the unhealthiest time of the year and while I don’t eat Easter eggs, my sisters certainly do. But throughout all the sugar and chocolate that surrounds me I am able to resist the temptations.

Easter doesn’t have to be a time of consuming too much chocolate. It’s fine to have a little bit of chocolate but the amounts people actually do consume is a bit of overkill. For me I stick to real eggs, and home-made sugar-free treats for my mum and me.

Easter doesn’t have to be a sugar fest so here are some easy things you can make to have on Easter:

  1. Eggs

While eggs aren’t sweet they taste amazing. Eggs are full of protein and fats which help you to feel full.

  1. Cookies

You can use a base recipe, I use an I Quit Sugar recipe, and add or replace ingredients as I wish. You can mould them into whatever shapes you like, and they taste like the real thing.

  1. Tarts

After I’m finished typing this blog I’m heading straight to the kitchen and making a mini tart. Tarts taste amazing and it feels good to be able to have one without having to consume sugar.

  1. Homemade chocolates

I Quit Sugar have a great Easter egg recipe that aren’t chock full of sugar and artificial sweeteners and are delicious.

  1. Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are an Easter favourite, so why miss out when you can make your own? I Quit Sugar make a great alternative to the sugar laden prototypes you often find in the shops and at bakeries.


You can have a safe, sugar-free and happy Easter with a little effort.

Happy Easter!


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