Juice or smoothies?


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I Quit Sugar green smoothie

While drinking juice seems like a healthy, easy alternative to eating the whole fruit, there isn’t much about it that will benefit your health. Making juice involves extracting the liquid (juice) out of a whole fruit and removing the pulp. This may seem like a harmless process but removing the pulp removes the essential nutrients and fibre, leaving you to feel hungry and craving more. The remaining juice contains high amounts of sugar and while they may be “natural” sugars, it is still fructose and effects your body in the same way as it usually does. Juice dumps a heavy sugar load on the liver as there is little fibre to slow the impact down – which is the opposite of detoxifying.

However, when you make a smoothie it uses the whole fruit and vegetable rather than concentrating the not-so-good bits. They are high in fibre, which prevents constipation, are nutrient dense and will help you feel fuller for longer. You can add whatever fruit and vegetables you like to your smoothie and make it your own, but make sure to have a higher amount of veggies to make it less fructose-y. You can have them for breakfast with some eggs or nuts. My favourite type of smoothie is a green smoothie which tastes way better than they sound and look. It consists mostly of (green) veggies and some low fructose fruit, with coconut water, protein powder and ice.

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