Easy snacks when you need that 3pm boost

Many people feel sluggish and tired at around the 2-4pm mark and they often turn to sugar to pick them up in order for them to function and stay awake. This is often due to an inadequate nutritional balance to sustain energy. If you’re one of those people, I’m here to help! Here are 5 snacks you eat when you need a 3pm boost:

  1. Green smoothie

This is my favourite go to “boost” food, with plenty of fibre and nutritious fats to keep you satisfied and full of energy. They taste amazing and healthy and taste slightly sweet.

2. Muggin

Occasionally I make a sugar-free muggin (muffin in a mug). Make sure to use a non-fructose based sweetener (the best option is rice malt syrup which is glucose based) and try to keep it to a minimum. They’re quick and easy to make and you can serve it with cream or yoghurt.

3. Kale chips

Easy and quick to make and taste great. They’re crispy and add to your veggie intake. And a healthy and tastier alternative to potato chips.

4. Nuts

A handful of nuts, my favourites being peanuts and macadamias, go a long way. They keep you full because of the fat they contain. They’re also good as you can buy them from most service stations and grocery stores. Due to allergies this isn’t always an option.

  1. Water

Often when you think you’re hungry you’re often thirsty or dehydrated. You’ve probably been told this like a hundred times (I know I have) but it works to give you energy and hydrated. And if you’re still hungry 20 minutes or so after drinking water have something small.

When you’re picking something to eat for afternoon tea make sure to not stuff your face, so you still have room for dinner. You can always make and adapt you’re own recipes to your liking. Try and not be tempted to have the sugary and useless empty calorie’s of junk food instead go for the highly nutrious and beneficial natural food as outlined above.

I hope you enjoy and try these foods.

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