Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day, not only because it fuels me and sets me up for the day, but it tastes amazing. A lot of the people I know, and many people around the world don’t eat breakfast, and this needs to change.

One reason many people skip breakfast is because they don’t like the breakfast foods that are commonly found in the supermarket (many of which are chock full of sugar), which is fair enough. When I was younger I hated cereal (still do) and my mum struggled to get me to eat breakfast trying to feed me all the “healthy” cereals she could find. It wasn’t until she found the I Quit Sugar 8wp that we realised that maybe we should look at other options for breakfast.

Here are the best and tastiest breakfast foods I have found to fuel you and your brain for the day:

  1. Poached eggs

One of my favourite breakfasts is poached eggs. I have them on sourdough toast with sautéed spinach or kale, fried tomato and a chipolata sausage or bacon. It keeps me full until lunch time and has plenty of fats and I try and add as much veggies as I can.

  1. Scrambled eggs

Much like poached eggs, I add as much veggies (spinach, kale, capsicum, etc.) with bacon and cheese and scramble. This is my go to breakfast during the week as I try to avoid bread (I went from consuming  4 pieces a day to none which has cleared my face and I feel less bloated).

  1. Corn fritters

This might be my favourite breakfast. It has an avocado and tomato salsa with bacon and corn fritters. It has a slightly sweet taste (without the sugar) and the perfect balance of flavour.

  1. Savoury pancakes

Nothing beats a good ol’ pancake on a Sunday morning – well except for kale, chives and cheese pancakes. Okay it might sound weird, but it is better and more filling than the average sugar filled pancake. Give it a try and you’ll be ~ very ~ pleasantly surprised.

  1. Coconut pancakes

And for those who like something a little sweeter on a Sunday morning coconut pancakes are great. They may not have a sweetener but serving them with berries and thickened cream adds the right touch of sweetness to the meal and will leave you feeling guilt free! (I couldn’t find the recipe on That Sugar Movement’s website but I put an alternative recipe above which is just as good).

Breakfast is a very important meal to have in ensuring you have a sufficient amount of energy for the day. It is all about finding a breakfast you enjoy eating and will keep you satiated and energised until the next meal. I encourage everyone to experiment with breakfast, so you can find the one you love to it and that makes you feel good. And if you’re stuck for ideas, try the examples above and modify them so they suit you and your dietary requirements.

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