Baby steps to quitting sugar…

Many diets and lifestyle changes, as I like to call them, are hard to stick with due to them cutting out certain foods and learning and taking time to cook. For a lot of people this makes it hard to maintain a healthy diet. A lot of people start a diet and assume that they will be able to stick with it and if they slip up they tend to beat themselves up over it. For me, it is about baby steps. For example, if someone who smoked 2 packets of cigarettes a day wanted to quit, it is difficult to do it straight away (unless their self-control was amazing). It is easier to start by reducing the amount they smoke and how often they do it, and over time they would eventually be able to quit, I believe that this is similar to cutting out sugar.

When I first quit sugar, I cut out all obvious sweets and processed ‘healthy’ snack, but there were a few occasions where I did eat a whole box of Arnott’s Shapes and one occasion in which I ate a whole block of 90% dark chocolate (I didn’t do that again because I felt like throwing up after that). But I didn’t beat myself up over this, of course I wasn’t going to be perfect first try, not many people are.

Step 2 was cutting out potato chips, sauces and store-bought dips and processed oils (canola, vegetable, etc.) from my diet. I started learning how to cook and make dinner occasionally. I also started eating breakfast everyday which is surprisingly beneficial (who would have guessed?) and I was able to focus in school and not feel like I am about to die from starvation by the time lunch time comes around.

Now I am learning to make bone broths, stocks, butter and I am making dinner most nights and eating breakfast every morning. I have also started making paleo bread and reduced my gluten intake (which I wrote about in my last blog).

This hasn’t come easy to me, especially being around three sisters who eat a LOT of sugar, I also have friends and extended family members who also eat sugar. When I go to family outings and dinners I take my mind off eating the sugar by bringing my own healthy dessert.

Quitting sugar is different for everyone and it isn’t always easy. Just remember if you slip up once it doesn’t mean you should give up, just go back to eating healthy the next meal or day. It may be a long process but once you have gotten through the first couple of phases you’ll find yourself feeling happier and healthier and you won’t rely on sugar to give you quick energy and a surge of happiness. I wish everyone luck on their journey to good health and my comment section is always open for any questions you may have.

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