My preferred sweetener…

I don’t often indulge in sweet treats, but when I do I use rice malt syrup as a sweetener. Rice malt syrup is made from cooked fermented rice and is a combination of glucose and maltose (rather than fructose). Glucose is much easier for the cells of the body to break down, as opposed to fructose which goes straight to the liver and promotes fat storage. When you don’t eat sugar and sweet foods for a while, you don’t feel like having them and when you do have something sweet your body is able to tell you that you have had enough. It is advised that you only consume sweeteners in small amounts as, even though rice malt syrup is a glucose-based sweetener, it can still effect the body’s blood sugar levels if consumed in large amounts. It is best to consume rice malt syrup in moderation, which makes it feel like more of a treat, as it still has that sweet taste which could potentially cause you to get addicted to sugar again.

Many sugar-free recipes use honey, dates and maple syrup as sweeteners, these all contain a large percentage of fructose, hence why I prefer rice malt syrup (I’ll go more into why I don’t eat those sweeteners in the next blog).

It is best to consume sweet treats as a treat and not indulge in them every day, especially if you’re just starting to quit sugar.

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