Food wastage and how to prevent it…

This is something I haven’t yet talked about on my blog but have been meaning to for a while. Food wastage is costing families thousands of dollars a year and is costing the world’s economy nearly $1 trillion every year. While we may not be able to do a whole lot for the food wastage of other people, we can for ourselves. If enough people are actively trying to prevent food wastage, it can make big impacts on society.

Here are a few small ways to reduce the amount of food waste you produce:

  1. Use your leftovers!

Eating your leftovers for lunch is a great way to reduce your food waste, instead of making something completely new. If you don’t wish to eat last night’s dinner for lunch, freeze it for later.

  1. Keep track of the food that you buy and where you put it

If it’s easier, make a list of the most perishable food you put in the fridge and when, so you are aware of what you need to eat and how long it’s been in the fridge.

  1. Use up old vegetables in broths and stock

Instead of throwing away old looking vegetables, make a stock or put it into a broth. This way you don’t waste your beloved vegetables and you get a homemade stock out of it.

  1. Give it to the chickens (or, alternatively, compost)

Chickens are great, they can eat most food waste. Or, if you don’t own chickens, put your food scraps into a compost or worm farm. It’s way better than throwing it away for landfill.

  1. Decrease your portion sizes

It is becoming increasingly common to serve way too much food, especially when going out to restaurants. Many people can’t finish what they’ve been served and instead it gets discarded. Either doggy bag your food, ask for a kids meal (or senior’s meal, no shame) or serve a normal portion size.

6. Plan before you shop

If you go through your fridge before you shop then you know what food you have and you can plan your meals around that. Or, alternatively, use your leftover food and make a meal out of it on a Saturday or Sunday, before you go shopping.

Whilst food wastage is an issue that can not be solved in a day, we can do small things (such as those listed above) to reverse it. Being actively aware of this issue and sharing it with friends and family and get them to reduce their food waste is a step further to combatting food wastage. Not only will we save money but we will be helping the environment, and saving water, energy and land.

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