What to drink instead of soft drink…

It is a known fact now that soft drink is one of the most damaging things you can drink. There is no doubt that there is a multitude of health-related diseases you are at risk of when consuming vast amounts of soft drinks. A lot of these health risks are because of the large amounts of sugar in soft drink, which is also a problem because sugar is highly addictive making it difficult for many people to stop drinking it.

But what can you drink instead of soft drink that tastes just as good? Good question, here are a list of suggestions for you…

  1. Sparkling water

It’s basically just soft drink, minus all the sugar, preservatives and flavouring. It’s more exciting than just plain water and just as refreshing.

  1. Sparkling (or plain) water infused with fruit

If drinking just plain sparkling water still isn’t enough, try adding some fruit. My personal favourite is passionfruit with sparkling water. It’s a sweet flavour minus the added sugar (there’s some sugar naturally found in the passionfruit, but not enough to worry about.

  1. Tea

Tea is my favourite drink. You can be super creative with it and make your own blends of different tea leaves or you can just stick with a classic black or green tea, it’s up to you.

  1. Iced tea

You have to be careful with this one, as most store-bought iced teas have added sugar, along with artificial flavouring and preservatives. So, alternatively, you can make your own. It’s very simple, make some tea, allow it to cool, refrigerate and enjoy.  If you are still getting used to the whole low fructose thing you might want to initially add a little bit of apple juice, then gradually reduce it (that’s what our mum did to us!)

  1. Water

The healthiest liquid you can drink (no way). It may be boring, but it certainly is refreshing and hydrating (and much more rewarding for your body than soft drink).

While soft drink may taste good, is it really worth the long-term damage of drinking a lot for just a temporary “refreshing feeling”? Generally, it’s best to just stick with water.

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