Sugar-free parties

The next couple of months are birthday months in our household, this makes it hard to avoid sugar and other unwanted foods. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and not feel guilty about it. It sounds easy enough but when put into play can be quite hard to achieve.

Here are 5 tips on avoiding the sugar but still having a good time:

  1. Don’t hang out near the food

This is a challenging one as I know I like to be around food whenever I can but going into another room means you don’t have as much of that food aroma setting your hunger hormones off. There is a party away from the food.

  1. Bring a platter

Instead of just turning up and eating whatever sugar-laden snacks are there, bring a platter to share with everyone. It is also polite and the host will be rather grateful that you brought something to share.

  1. Eat before you go

If you eat a full meal with plenty of good fats and proteins beforehand then you won’t feel like indulging in the unhealthy treats you see before you.

  1. Eat the right foods

If you fail to eat before you go, choose party foods that are high in fats, protein and fibre to feel you up and to suppress your urges to go for the wrong foods.

  1. If you can’t eat right drink right

Choosing plain or sparkling water at parties is a way better option than a classic sugar-sweetened beverage. Your body will thank you for it later.

If you do happen to slip up and eat something you wouldn’t normally eat, don’t stress about it, you can always eat healthy at the next meal. If you slip up once, don’t give up and just keep doing what you were doing.

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