Study tips…

Now that it is back to school time, we are going to get assignments, tests and exams thrown at us from every direction. This then leads us to study. Unless you know how to study properly, studying can be the absolute worst and sometimes might not be very helpful. It is also very hard to study if you don’t know how and/or where to start. Here are some study tips to get you through this second semester (or whatever semester you are currently in):

  1. Don’t procrastinate and start as soon as you get an assignment

Always start an assignment straight away, read through it and know what you need to have done and by when. By doing this, even if you leave it till the week/night before it is due, at least you have something.

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to study

Find somewhere that is quiet and comfortable, such as a study desk in your room or a nice café, play some music (if that is what you’re in to), make some tea and just sit there and do your thing.

  1. Plan

Plan out what you’re going to do each day and write it down. Get a study planner and organise which part of the assignment/how many words you’re going to write each night and when.

  1. Flashcards

Flash cards are very helpful when you need to remember facts/words/phrases for an exam/test. Buy some cardboard index cards or use websites such as Quizlet and go through them every day leading up to the test/exam.

  1. Follow the rubric

It wasn’t until this year that I started looking at the rubric to see what I needed to do to achieve an A. This has improved my grades significantly, so I encourage you all to do the same.

  1. DRAFTS!

Drafts are super important if you have the opportunity to send in a draft, do it. With that, you can see what you have missed out on and fix any mistakes you might have missed. It also makes you look super organised.

  1. Put your phone away

I am not going to explain this one…

This isn’t really anything to do with nutrition but I thought it might be helpful. I hope you enjoyed!


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