Drinking water…

I have recently started drinking my daily recommended intake of water (for my body and my exercise levels it is about 2.4L of water a day but it is different for everyone) and I never noticed how much it has affected me (positively). A few things I have noticed are:

  1. Improved complexion

I have naturally oily skin which makes me prone to pimples. My skin used to be pretty bad before I stopped eating sugar, then it became “semi-pimply” but water has given it that last little push. My face is less red (because I used to pick at my pimples – I don’t recommend) and almost completely clear.

  1. Less hungry

Yes, this is actually true. Whenever people told me that when you’re hungry despite having a full meal you’re most likely just thirsty I thought they were crazy but no it is a thing. You are probably just thirsty.

  1. Energy levels have improved

Despite life being tiring from school, work and assignments, I have noticed an increase in my energy levels. Working out in the morning feels like less of a struggle and I am feeling less tired after school and work.

  1. Better overall health and wellbeing

I just feel better and livelier although having to pee every 10 minutes (a bit of an exaggeration), kinda sucks it is worth it. Other benefits of water include a metabolism boost, clean out of toxins, immunity boost and increased bowel movements.

I do encourage you to drink more water and if you need some form of encouragement the app “Plant Nanny” might be of some use and getting a big water bottle so you are aware of how much you are drinking. The changes may be small but they are still significant and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

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