My preferred sweetener…

I don’t often indulge in sweet treats, but when I do I use rice malt syrup as a sweetener. Rice malt syrup is made from cooked fermented rice and is a combination of glucose and maltose (rather than fructose). Glucose is much easier for the cells of the body to break down, as opposed to fructose which goes straight to the liver and promotes fat storage. When you don’t eat sugar and sweet foods for a while, you don’t feel like having them and when you do have something sweet your body is able to tell you that you have had enough.

Baby steps to quitting sugar…

Many diets and lifestyle changes, as I like to call them, are hard to stick with due to them cutting out certain foods and learning and taking time to cook. For a lot of people this makes it hard to maintain a healthy diet. A lot of people start a diet and assume that they will be able to stick with it and if they slip up they tend to beat themselves up over it. For me, it is about baby steps.

Grains and carbohydrates…

As of recent I have significantly reduced the amount of grains I include in my diet. This is because I have noticed my body has a negative reaction, sore tummy, bloating and flatulence (if you’re not sure what that is google it), when I consume a lot. This dramatic reduction has caused controversy amongst some people around me who jump to the conclusion that because I don’t eat much grains I don’t eat carbs. This is a common misconception.

A lifestyle not a diet

People often assume that the reason I don’t eat sugar and processed food is because I am on a diet and it is something I am partaking in short-term to lose weight. The definition of a diet (according to google) is “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.” Which, for me is a limited way of looking at  what should a wholistic approach.

Juice or smoothies?

While drinking juice seems like a healthy, easy alternative to eating the whole fruit, there isn’t much about it that will benefit your health. Making juice involves extracting the liquid (juice) out of a whole fruit and removing the pulp. This may seem like a harmless process but removing the pulp removes the essential nutrients and fibre, leaving you to feel hungry and craving more.