Study snacks…

My last blog was about studying and how you can do it effectively, but in order to study a lot of us like to snack (me included). The problem is many people either snack too much or on the wrong food or both. This can make it harder to focus as you aren’t eating food that is going to nourish your body and keep you full. So here I have compiled a list of foods to enjoy while you’re studying:

Sugar-free parties

The next couple of months are birthday months in our household, this makes it hard to avoid sugar and other unwanted foods. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and not feel guilty about it. It sounds easy enough but when put into play can be quite hard to achieve. Here are 5 tips on avoiding the sugar but still having a good time:

Quick desserts…

My second favourite meal of the day (after breakfast of course) is dessert. But can I even eat dessert, isn’t it full of sugar? Well to answer those questions yes, yes and no. Yes, I can eat dessert, yes and is full of sugar and no because you can make healthy alternatives.

Meal planning

Our week is often booked solid with extra-curricular activities and work so it can be difficult to make a healthy dinner. To ensure we have something healthy to eat every night we do this wonderful thing known as meal planning. We plan our meals accordingly, for example on nights when my mum is at school and I have work we plan a slow cooked meal, so we don’t have to think about it when we get home all tired and wanting nothing more than to eat.

My preferred sweetener…

I don’t often indulge in sweet treats, but when I do I use rice malt syrup as a sweetener. Rice malt syrup is made from cooked fermented rice and is a combination of glucose and maltose (rather than fructose). Glucose is much easier for the cells of the body to break down, as opposed to fructose which goes straight to the liver and promotes fat storage. When you don’t eat sugar and sweet foods for a while, you don’t feel like having them and when you do have something sweet your body is able to tell you that you have had enough.